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Monthly Archives: October 2012

How discoverable are SMB websites?

October 26, 2012

  Recent SMB DigitalScape  findings reveal the sorry state of affairs of the SEO health of SMB websites in the US: Canonicalization – If the non-www versions redirect to the www-version, then there is no canonicalization issue. 91% SMB websites … Continue reading

On second thoughts, let’s optimize it for the desktop

October 12, 2012

Now Hey! Our website has really come out well. Have we optimized it for  smartphones and tablets? In the near future? That’s a neat looking website.  Good work! By the way I think it will be a good idea to … Continue reading

One billion chairs are like Facebook

October 5, 2012

Marc Zuckerberg announced yesterday that there are one billion active users on one billion chairs accessing Facebook via desktops or smartphones. That is to say, when they are not playing basketball, not on dance floors, not crossing bridges.  They could … Continue reading