Building a strong case with BuzzBoard

January 11, 2013

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SMB DigitalScape studies over the last year have indicated that universally, as well as specifically in the US, local businesses have been very slow or totally lacking in leveraging the web to promote their business. They seem to be happy with status quo and the onus is on the digital media sales rep to volunteer as their marketing consultant and help them change their mindset.

Traditionally, sales reps are equipped with product knowledge and sales skills. Their knowledge of internet marketing may lack the depth that is required to come across as a consultant. Torn between various selling and non-selling tasks the day is ridden with, reps seldom have the time to brush up their knowledge and get a grip on the different nuances of digital presence and performance. These are the motivations behind some of the functionalities and features of BuzzBoard that instantly equip the rep with the customer intelligence and an understanding of the significance of the different elements of online presence and performance.

For example, let’s say a particular merchant’s website does not have microformats that are needed to leverage rich snippets provided by Google. This is a strong case for a website redesign. However, how many sales rep would be aware of the concept of microformats and how they help, much less have the ability to find out if the prospect’s website has them? BuzzBoard not only discovers that the website is lacking them, but also provides help blurbs to alert the rep what they are all about and why they are important. They can have an authoritative conversation with the merchant and build a strong case for the proposal they will then present.

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