Competition is good for health

January 25, 2013

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Competition brings the best out of man.  Competition among providers is what protects the consumer. But with BuzzBoard, competition among consumers is profitable for the provider. Yes, you read it right.

The Competition tab of the BuzzBoard digital media sales tool allows the sales rep to quickly leverage the audit report of the prospect’s immediate competition, in order to accomplish the sale. For example, see this sample competition audit in BuzzBoard showing how the prospect’s online presence and performance compares with that of his competitors.

Digital Presence Comparison

Online Presence Comparison

Digital Performance Comparison

Online Performance Comparison


Need the sales rep say a word more?  Once the prospect  sees  for himself that his competitors have a mobile site, social media pages, and a more robust website, will it be too hard for the sales rep to convince him to sign up for the corresponding products?  You have already closed the sale, if you leverage this feature effectively.

Clicking on the ‘+’ icon allows you to add more competitors.  You could involve the prospect and let him name more competitors whose online presence and performance he’d like to view an audit of.

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