vSplash unveils E2 {Excellence + Execution}

September 20, 2011

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vSplash unveils E2 {Excellence + Execution}white-label marketing and business solutions for directory publishers at DMS ’11

What do directory publishers want from their performance-based digital presence partner? How about quality, flexibility, scalability and cost efficiency? It all adds up to E2 {Excellence + Execution}.

This week, at BIA/Kelsey’s DMS ’11 conference in Denver, vSplash is showcasing its white-label performance-based marketing and business solutions for directory publishers. Among the products vSplash is featuring at DMS ’11 are:

* PresencePro encompasses customer engagement, content collection, design and proofing services for a cohesive digital presence—websites, mobile sites and social media pages.

* PerformanceHub offers specialized knowledge and resources for driving traffic via blog posts, tweets, image tagging and more. Features a sophisticated dashboard for monitoring and optimizing digital presence performance.

* MobiPresence extends a simple web presence beyond the desktop to mobile platforms. Hyperlocal mobile apps, optimized for 25 core verticals, strengthen the impact and availability of a directory publisher’s client sites.

DMS ’11 attendees are invited to stop by the vSplash booth to learn more.

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