Partnership Programs

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A common thread among our partners is the desire to efficiently deliver a quality set of profitable digital marketing and commerce products to customers. vSplash delivers the operational excellence our partners demand—higher quality, better management and at a lower cost than internal fulfillment.

Why Partner With Us

Through our business structure and system architecture, vSplash offers our partners several key benefits over in-house or alternative partner options:

ScalabilityIn addition to our core infrastructure, we have peer relationships and large-scale in-house training facilities to quickly ramp production resources to meet growing needs. That means, if your fulfillment requirements jump from 300 to 1,000 sites per month, we can respond while maintaining scope requirements.Cycle TimeNumerous factors contribute to our rapid turnaround times – strong backend systems with detailed reporting and proactive progress communication; emphasis on process and training from the start; and our large resource pool are just some of the reasons.
QualityRapid, high-volume output is not meaningful if quality is not paramount. At vSplash, we employ continuous training in technical, design and deployment best-practices, individual and group active feedback analysis, and joint client review of work throughout the duration of the relationship.CostIn almost every instance, vSplash can deliver high quality, short cycle time, scalable solutions at a per presence cost-basis appreciably less than in-house operations, where intrinsic employee, benefit, training, replacement, physical plant, and additional costs can weigh significantly on the real investment required.vSplash offers direct and indirect business partnership models.

Partnership Programs

Direct Partnerships
Direct partner relationships address the core needs of a corporate client – everything from developing a new web presence, database platform, or mobility-enhanced sales and customer service extensions. Because of the customized nature of the direct model, it is vertically agnostic – we work with businesses in nearly any industry, as well as government and educational institutions, worldwide.
Indirect Partnerships
Our indirect model is geared toward high-volume aggregators, such as:

  • Online media companies
  • Directory Publishers
  • Local media companies – newspapers, radio and television stations
  • Internet Marketing Agencies
  • Hosting Companies
  • Domain Registrars
  • SMB Industry Portals

vSplash serves as the ideal white-label partner to execute product deliverables, including pre-design consultation services and post-publication satisfaction surveys.

For specialized needs, vSplash can also work with your business in specific disciplines, such as in a pure consultation role, or optimization-only service for your existing implementation.

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