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From SEO/SEM to mobile compatibility to social channels—across the board, small businesses need help with their digital presence and performance.

Figuring out which SMBs need the most help and what kind of help they need is the responsibility of digital marketing solutions sales reps. And it can be a time-consuming process yielding mixed results.

With BuzzBoard by vSplash, all levels of your sales organization can identify the illusive SMB market.

BuzzBoard is a complete digital presence analysis platform that enables reps to sell smarter and more efficiently. Reps can use it to easily pinpoint under-performing aspects of their customers’ web presence and generate proposals on the spot to turn those weaknesses intro strengths.

The BuzzBoard platform is all about building a smarter digital sales force, anytime, anywhere.

BuzzBoard is a complete digital presence analysis platform. It is the ideal tool to identify new sales or upsell opportunities for media companies that serve the digital marketing needs of small businesses. Quickly identify under-performing aspects of your customers’ web presence and generate proposals on the spot to turn those weaknesses intro strengths.

Here’s how it works…

A sales rep loads some basic customer data into the BuzzBoard app – they can even upload their entire customer database.

In seconds, they’re looking at everything they need to know about their customer’s digital presence and performance, including the revenue value of recommended services. This saves hours of the sales rep’s time previously spent manually researching this information.

Now the rep is ready to sell. They can quickly and easily walk their customer through BuzzBoard’s presence analysis data, like the customer’s Criticality Score, which gauges how well the company is performing based on key presence criteria.

They can click on the Audit tab to look at how well the customer’s site is being indexed by search engines, its mobile compatibility, social media presence and local listings presence.

The Competition tab shows their customer how they stack up against their competitors.

Next, the rep can automatically generate a proposal of recommended services for getting their customer’s presence up to SoLoMo standards and maintaining it. The rep can quickly edit the proposal with their customer’s input, email it to them or have them sign it on the spot with the iPad.

Once the proposal is signed, it becomes an order which is emailed directly to operations to begin fulfillment. This results in shorter sales cycles and informed, happy, loyal customers.

A more efficient sales force.
  • Quickly research and build customer-centric intelligence about a customer’s digital presence.
  • Use customer face-time for discussion and engagement.
  • Customize digital presence audits and proposals on the fly.
  • Send audits and proposals while at the customer location.
  • Collect customer content – audio, video, visual, graphical – during the customer visit.
  • Keep track of fulfillment notes gathered during sales time.
Solves key sales pain.

Leverage BuzzBoard’s advanced technology to reduce pre-sales preparation and fact-finding:

  • By auditing the presence and performance of a customer’s website a sales rep can have an authoritative conversation based on empirical evidence
  • By having a conversation based on empirical evidence, sales reps can elevate their conversation from a “sales pitch” to a consultative conversation
  • By shifting the conversation from functions and features sales reps can convert more sales
Yields 61% more face-time with customers.

With BuzzBoard, sales rep efficiency increases immediately, leading to a rapid increase in revenues. Example:

  • One more call per day could generate $3,000 in annual revenue
  • A 10% improvement in existing three calls per day could generate $900 more topline dollars
  • Taken together, BuzzBoard implementation could drive $3,900 per day of incremental revenue
  • At a 30% margin, BuzzBoard could help generate $1,170 of cash flow per day per outside sales rep
  • Across 220 days, BuzzBoard could help generate $257,400 of incremental annual cash flo