Will SMBs be left out in the cold?

November 20, 2012

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Online and mobile commerce will be on the rise this holiday season, but will SMBs be able to compete?

SMB DigitalScape-Infographic-US Q2-Holiday Shopping

One Response to “Will SMBs be left out in the cold?”

  1. Allie says:

    I’m not at all surprised about the low level of telcnohogy adoption/benefit within SMBs.The root cause is that the products have become commoditized, however IT is not as seamless and intuitive as vendors would like to have us believe.PC prices have collapsed in the last 10-20 years, making it more affordable for SMBs to buy the telcnohogy. However, it takes expertise to envision and integrate the use of telcnohogy in a business setting. Unfortunately few SMBs are willing to pay for that expertise, whether it is by training their own staff, hiring consultants, or sourcing their IT from value-added resellers. You can get cheap laptops and printers from an internet/mail-order house or an office supply retailer, but you won’t get the business+technology advice that only an experienced professional can provide.SMBs won’t get the full value of their IT investment until they realize that IT is a profession, not a hobby. For some reason, IT expertise is shopped around more, and valued less, than the skills of a plumber or a car mechanic. Probably because everybody has a relative that dabbles in IT.As a consequence, IT expertise is flowing towards markets and endeavours that value it (high end networking, app development, enterprise solutions, B2B projects, etc), leaving SMBs to fend for themselves with Express shelf-ware and discounted hardware.

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