Selling PPC packages made easy

June 10, 2013

PPC marketing involves some mathematics and nitty-gritty hard to comprehend or explain.  For example, while on sales call for PPC packages, it is necessary to know what the keywords for a particular business are, how their performance is and what … Continue reading

Don’t jump from the skyscraper

February 4, 2013

Studies on how sales reps spend their time from Pace Productivity, a Canada based consulting firm, show that paperwork consumes over five hours per week. Sales reps have reported that administration and paperwork activities come in the way of their … Continue reading

Green selling with BuzzBoard is remunerative

February 1, 2013

Pin-pointing prospects on a business map is yet another lucrative feature of BuzzBoard. Sales reps can leverage field time efficiently to execute more calls per day and cut fuel costs while reducing carbon footprint. The rep is driving around the … Continue reading

Competition is good for health

January 25, 2013

Competition brings the best out of man.  Competition among providers is what protects the consumer. But with BuzzBoard, competition among consumers is profitable for the provider. Yes, you read it right. The Competition tab of the BuzzBoard digital media sales … Continue reading

The future of selling – four weddings and a funeral

January 17, 2013

Neal Polachek, advisor to  vSplash, industry observer and former CEO BIA/Kelsey summarized in a recent blog how vSplash’s  BuzzBoard is central to the changing role of the sales rep in new age selling. To recap Neal’s observations based on Geoffrey … Continue reading

Building a strong case with BuzzBoard

January 11, 2013

SMB DigitalScape studies over the last year have indicated that universally, as well as specifically in the US, local businesses have been very slow or totally lacking in leveraging the web to promote their business. They seem to be happy … Continue reading

Getting past the gatekeeper

January 8, 2013

As sales technologies and processes are coming of age, BuzzBoard technology from vSplash is playing a key role in transforming the role of the sales rep.  Initial trials of the integrated local media sales tool have shown that apart from … Continue reading