SMBs are making their mobile presence felt

February 20, 2014

Small and medium businesses are sure realizing how vital a mobile presence is for the growth of their business.  As more and more consumers are looking for products and services on their mobile phones, SMBs have rapidly started building their … Continue reading

SMB websites need to go mobile friendly

April 26, 2013

The latest SMB DigitalScape analysis for US (February 2013) shows 94.5% SMBs in the US do not have a mobile friendly site.  On the brighter side, the tracking analysis shows that mobile site adoption has increased by 3% since June … Continue reading

On second thoughts, let’s optimize it for the desktop

October 12, 2012

Now Hey! Our website has really come out well. Have we optimized it for  smartphones and tablets? In the near future? That’s a neat looking website.  Good work! By the way I think it will be a good idea to … Continue reading

Men more likely to look for SMB service on the mobile?

September 28, 2012

There is research that suggests that men are more of mobile shoppers than women. Be it consumer electronics, food/drinks, office supplies, movie tickets, computer equipment or digital content. 25% of men shop while at work. People have also been found … Continue reading

98% SMB websites are not mobile optimized

September 21, 2012

Optimistically put, two percent of the two million websites analyzed by vSplash’s SMB DigitalScape are optimized for mobile devices!  Such optimism largely emanates from the knowledge that SMBs have indeed been rather slow in leveraging internet marketing, as revealed by … Continue reading

vSplash has a new website

August 12, 2011

With the advent of tablets and smartphones, it has become inevitable for businesses to extend their web presence beyond desktop to mobile. At vSplash, we not only took steps to include mobile websites in our portfolio of services, but in … Continue reading