What helps vSplash achieve Executional Excellence in Internet Operations?

January 20, 2012

Delivering superior customer value in Internet operations involves providing reliable service at best prices, without causing dissatisfaction to any of the stakeholders. This is possible through excellence in the way that operations are executed on a day-to-day basis. Looking back … Continue reading

vSplash to unveil BuzzBoard at ILM West

December 8, 2011

Pinpointing your best digital revenue opportunities just got easier with BuzzBoard, from vSplash. We’ll be unveiling the new BuzzBoard peformance and presence intelligence platform at ILM West. Stop by booth 103-104 to learn how you can: Help your SMB customers track, … Continue reading

What Exactly Is Operational Excellence in Internet Marketing?

December 1, 2011

The definition of operational excellence varies from one industry to another. In the Internet marketing industry, where opportunities are limitless and new marketing trends develop quickly, service providers need to be able to adapt quickly to changing trends and fluctuating volumes. … Continue reading

Operational Excellence – The Key to Success in Mass-marketed Web Services

November 24, 2011

With SMBs increasingly under pressure to explore Internet marketing options to promote their products and services, opportunities are no doubt aplenty for mass-marketers of web services. Unfortunately, opportunities alone don’t suffice to drive revenue streams unless backed by ability, capacity … Continue reading

vSplash unveils E2 {Excellence + Execution}

September 20, 2011

vSplash unveils E2 {Excellence + Execution}white-label marketing and business solutions for directory publishers at DMS ’11 What do directory publishers want from their performance-based digital presence partner? How about quality, flexibility, scalability and cost efficiency? It all adds up to … Continue reading