Why is the Churn High with DIY Offerings?

June 3, 2011

Website companies with DIY offerings experience a high attrition rate.  More often than not, SMB owners that subscribe to these do not make use of them.  They do not have the time or the expertise to set up the website.  … Continue reading

How to Reduce Advertiser Churn

April 3, 2011

Every year a sizable section of advertisers do not renew their subscription.  Often market strategies are targeted at getting new customers, thus side-lining the existing ones.  Marketing tactics or publisher branding helps get new subscriptions but not in retaining existing … Continue reading

Importance of Customer Loyalty Programs

Thousands of books on customer behavior have been authored, nevertheless, accurately predicting buying behavior has evaded corporate pundits and salesmen alike.  What triggers a customer’s switch from one product to another? The answer to this question would vary with individual … Continue reading


February 3, 2011

Gone are the days when there were a handful of brands and a large number of buyers.  Before the advent of technological innovations and the Internet, it was a brand-driven market where each brand had its own share of loyal … Continue reading