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The future of selling – four weddings and a funeral

January 17th, 2013

Neal Polachek, advisor to  vSplash, industry observer and former CEO BIA/Kelsey summarized in a recent blog how vSplash’s  BuzzBoard is central to the changing role of the sales rep in new age selling. To recap Neal’s observations based on Geoffrey James’ post titled “The future of selling”, the new age rep will  have to espouse…
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A peek under the vSplash hood

January 9th, 2013

(Reposted from As an advisor to vSplash I often get copied on internal company memos. CEO and Founder Umesh Tibrewal sent the following memo around on January 1st to the entire vSplash team. As I read it, I figured there was something in it for everyone. If you choose to read it, I think…
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