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98% SMB websites are not mobile optimized

September 21st, 2012

Optimistically put, two percent of the two million websites analyzed by vSplash’s SMB DigitalScape are optimized for mobile devices!  Such optimism largely emanates from the knowledge that SMBs have indeed been rather slow in leveraging internet marketing, as revealed by SMB DigitalScape findings over the last few months.  When three-fourths or two-thirds of SMB website lack an email or a contact form, or half of them have the phone number hidden in the inner pages, it is quite encouraging to learn that at least two percent are accessible to Smartphone users.

With that said, it’s not that all that optimistic to think that 98%  SMB websites are not mobile optimized at a time when Smartphone use is so high that  the world is transitioning towards a “mobile first” thinking that a mighty Twitter or a mightier Google have already adopted.  A savvy internet analyst may have predicted the paradigm shift even as mobile penetration was just catching up a few years back.

SMBs are left out of the mobile space, mainly because SMB providers haven’t capitalized on the proliferation of mobile devises and the growth of their use. The loss is thus shared.  SMB providers may have their reservations about adopting the  “mobile first, web next” strategy for now, but, it will be hard for them to avoid reinventing their offerings – in the least,  a mobile add-on to existing customers of website products, or a combo- package of desktop and  mobile website for new customers/renewals.

Other Q2 findings include:

  • Three quarters (76%) of SMB websites have no privacy policy, putting them at risk of being suspended by Google Adwords program if they were to run an SEM campaign.
  • Nearly half (44%) of SMB homepages have no phone number, making it difficult for consumers to easily contact them.
  • Three quarters (78%) of SMB homepages do not have a Facebook link, creating a disconnect between web presence and social presence.

Updated quarterly, SMB DigitalScape’s empirical data are derived from a growing sample of over two million SMB websites.


vSplash Team

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