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A toast to all mothers

May 2nd, 2013

On May 12,  billions of children around the world will celebrate mother’s day. They will express their gratitude for their Mom in different ways, including buying gifts for her.

We may loathe it, but mother’s day is yet another retail opportunity like other religious and non-religious holidays.  In the recent times, mother’s day shopping has been increasingly going digital.   NRF survey shows over a quarter of mother’s day shoppers in the US will buy gifts online.  Additionally, nearly half the tablet and smartphone users in the US will use their devices  to research, compare prices or buy gifts for Mom this mother’s day.  Makes sense.  Mom and child(ren) may be cities or even continents apart, and online shopping is an easier way to arrange a gift for the long distance Mom.  Digital shopping is also the preferred option for those who do not have time to or are lazy to go to stores.

This, however, may not translate into profits for independent retailers.  The latest SMB DigitalScape analysis shows their web presence is far from optimized for capitalizing on the mother’s day opportunities.  On an average, 75% to 95% (with the exception of florists) of them can’t be found online, do not have enough information on the site, can’t be browsed on tablets/smartphones and do not sell on the website.

The deficiencies in the digital presence of independent retailers, however, translate into a $2.7B opportunity for digital media providers.  The latter can look for new revenue streams via website redesign, mobile site, e-commerce and SEO services for independent retailers.

The infographic below shows the details of the analysis.

vSplash Team

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