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Brand owners need to help local franchisees with their digital presence

May 30th, 2013

For the last year and a half, SMB DigitalScape has been analyzing the digital readiness of SMBs across several countries, several regions within countries and several verticals.  To sum up the findings thus far, small and medium businesses have been slow at large in adapting to the ongoing digital disruption and lagging in critical areas of digital presence – such as a strong website, search engine presence, mobile presence, social presence, local presence and e-commerce readiness.

Big box players across different verticals – pizza, insurance, salons, spa, building contractors, tax and accounting, tire stores, etc. have a state-of- the-art web presence to help them grab a lion’s share of online consumers.  However, SMB DigitalScape analysis of local franchisees of top chains shows that a large percentage of local franchisees of top brands have a digital presence that is comparable to that of their local independent counterparts.  A large percentage of local franchisees do not have an optimized website, and a social, local and mobile presence.

This indicates brands are doing little to monitor the digital presence of their local franchisees and help them get  ready for the solomo disruption.  Brand SoLoMo, a brand management tool from vSplash, helps brand owners provide their local franchisees with a multi-devise compatible standardized website apart from letting them track, measure an analyze their solomo presence and performance.  Brands can centrally manage, edit and update the digital media assets of the local franchisees to increase the mileage (profits) per franchisee.

Local franchisees of national brands are as less digital savvy as the local independent SMBs are and they need help of the parent brand with their digital presence and performance.

vSplash Team

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