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Don’t jump from the skyscraper

February 4th, 2013

Studies on how sales reps spend their time from Pace Productivity, a Canada based consulting firm, show that paperwork consumes over five hours per week. Sales reps have reported that administration and paperwork activities come in the way of their productivity.

(PNG Image, 592 × 416 pixels)
(*From Pace Productivity)

BuzzBoard, the sales productivity tool from vSplash takes into consideration the different pain-points in a typical sales process involving precious sales-rep time and effort spent on a host of non-selling activities.

Filling out forms for adding a business listing, for example, is time-consuming and cumbersome and especially the “required field” alerts make you want to jump out of the window of a sky-scraper. However, it is very simple to add business listings in BuzzBoard. You can bulk upload the entire data base or add an individual listing using an automated form. All you need to do is enter the business name and city or state or zip. The tool looks up the web and auto-populates the form. Look at this screen-shot of the Add Listing form in BuzzBoard:

(PNG Image, 575 × 498 pixels)

In the example above, we merely entered the keywords ‘vsplash’ and ‘nj’ in the search section. Yes, without even bothering about case or punctuation. The listings form got auto-populated with the business name, website URL, address, city, state, zip and phone. If you noticed, the elements have also conformed to style guide and best practices – the right case, the right style for representing the phone number and the right punctuation. The rep would have had to check all these manually in ordinary circumstances.

This is just one of the several features that BuzzBoard deploys to minimize to the extent possible the time spent on numerous administrative and non-selling tasks such as lead-generation, pre-consultation research, generating proposals, pricing/quoting, order filing, paperwork, emailing/communication and so forth. Overall, BuzzBoard has helped sales reps leverage 60% more time for selling.

vSplash Team

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