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How discoverable are SMB websites?

October 26th, 2012

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Recent SMB DigitalScape  findings reveal the sorry state of affairs of the SEO health of SMB websites in the US:

Canonicalization – If the non-www versions redirect to the www-version, then there is no canonicalization issue.

91% SMB websites have canonicalization issues.

Robot.txt – Presence of Robot.txt helps search engine bots have a clear understanding of the pages that need to be crawled.

54% SMB websites do not have not Robot.txt.

MicroformatsMicroformats are a set of standards for marking up different types of information, so that they are consistently structured. Google recently introduced rich snippets into search results, which make use of microformats to add certain critical details about the website in the snippet. Reviews about the products or contact information for placing an order might be included directly on the search results page.

97% SMB websites do not have microformats.

XML Sitemap – Google recommends creating a Sitemap.xml based on the Sitemap protocol. The same sitemap file can be submitted to other search engines, such as Bing and Yahoo! Sitemap.xml helps make sure that search engines know about all the pages on the website, including URLs that may not be discovered by the normal crawling process.

85% SMBs do not use XML sitemaps.




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