Importance of Good Design for Websites

A well-designed and neatly arranged website can help form a good first impression for prospective customers. It also helps ensure a satisfactory user experience and allows visitors to navigate and access information easily.

Stanford Web Credibility Research has disclosed that 75% of users judge a company’s credibility based on a visual design. Furthermore, 94% of the user’s first impression of healthcare websites is solely design related.

Considering the above statistics, it can be said that a well-designed website is almost indispensable to attract your ideal customers and ensure prompt dialogue within your firm.

Key components for web designing

Navigation: Website navigation includes a navigation bar that makes for quick and easy travel throughout the website.

Brand consistency: The brand logo, color, imagery, and prints must be incorporated into the website design so your customers can recognize your brand in all forms of communication.

Reading patterns & SEO: The most relevant information should be in the upper left-hand column. It helps get the message across more effectively for visitors and improves search engine optimization (SEO).

Content: Your site’s content directly communicates your brand position and promise. Making the content short, to-the-point, yet warm and welcoming helps establish a better connection with the reader.

Trust: Building trust among customers is possible once you get to know them and what they value.

Benefits of good web design

• Good web design makes things easy to find. Including primary services in your main navigation and featuring company phone numbers can improve browsing.

• Consider the psychology of your viewers while designing the navigation. Keeping the design simple helps users decide where to go.

• Good web design can draw attention to special offers by highlighting the call to action and driving users to take the desired actions.

• Designs that look modern and professional tend to encourage your brand legitimacy.

• Well-designed websites will reflect your brand’s logo, colors, and style and assure visitors that they are in the right place.

Considering the components and benefits will ensure a well-designed and managed website so that customers keep returning to your site and do business with your company.

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