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Is Bing the Next Google?

February 21st, 2011

Has Bing come of age and is it all set to dethrone Google? After almost three years of speculation over Google vs. Bing, web users worldwide have come to the conclusion that though Google is clearly winning, Bing is not far behind in the popular search engine race. With its cool features and its ability to get specific results, Bing is definitely going to give Google a run for its money, in the times to come.

Here’s how Bing has scored over Google in certain areas. First of all Bing, formerly called as Kumos, appears much cooler than its arch rival. With a beautiful background picture, it looks clean and sleek, and is enough to persuade more than a few loyal Googlers to defect from their camp. Another feature that fans of Bing are raving about is the video search. If you search for Michael Jackson’s videos in Bing, you will find thumbnails of videos. However without even clicking, you can sneak a look at the video which plays for almost seven seconds.

Though Google is still the forerunner among various search engines, Bing has proved its mettle with features like Exploring Pane that refines searches. Moreover, you can have a great online shopping experience because of an amazing tool of Bing, called Sentiment Extraction. This tool helps you in making sense of product reviews.

Another feature that has won considerable amount accolades is the save-and-share feature of Bing. Instead of bookmarking each page, you can just save them and also organize them into different folders. Not only that, Bing   also allows you to make bargain deals concerning air travel and hotels.  By acquiring a technology known as Farecast, Microsoft is all set to wow its users by providing an opportunity to compare hotel and air ticket prices.

Packed with all these amazing features, Bing seems to be swaying many loyal Googlers to its side. But is it enough to win over this tussle with Google. Apparently not! Microsoft still has a long way to go in perfecting its search engine which can actually do harm to search engine bigwigs like Google and Yahoo.  Till then we can just forecast and root for Microsoft to end Google’s monopoly in search engine arena.

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