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Lessons Learnt from Google Real Time Search

January 21st, 2011

When Google decided to launch its real time search engine, there were a few who were hardly surprised to hear about it. The founder of Twitter must be one of them, after all Twitter is functioning on this real time web principle and I might add, functionally quite well. For those who are reading about real time search for the first time, let me make this clear.

Real time search encompasses technologies and strategies that make it possible for the web user to get information as soon as it is published online. That means news and updates that goes online without consuming anytime between process of publishing and composition of information. Earlier, Google used to crawl and index sites before making it available on the search pages.

All social media sites (read Twitter, Digg and others) more or less work on the same school of thought. However, there are a few web search engines like OneRiot, Collecta, 48ers, etc. that discovered the delights of real time search quite before Google. While previously Google just had a sidebar for updates, now it has a whole new url and homepage for Google Real Time that searches the latest news and updates in real time.

Now you would think what good will do this to us? Does changing of algorithm by Google have impact on how we receive and perceive news? Well, affirmative to both questions. If whatever people are tweeting and updating on social media, gets to the page one of a search engine, then it offers all the more opportunities to read people’s view. Type a Prince William in the search engine, get every tweet and update about the much awaited Royal wedding. That’s how real time search works.

It’s also gives an ample opportunity to know what’s actually buzzing in news. Though blogs and traditional websites take a backseat here, it gives prominence to the posted updates and links through its Top Links, Replay and Conversation features.

After the search engine giant bowed down to real time phenomenon, it seems inevitable that more web based technologies will follow suit. So keeping tweeting and surfing for more updates!

vSplash Team

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