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Men more likely to look for SMB service on the mobile?

September 28th, 2012

There is research that suggests that men are more of mobile shoppers than women. Be it consumer electronics, food/drinks, office supplies, movie tickets, computer equipment or digital content. 25% of men shop while at work. People have also been found to be susceptible to mobile shopping while waiting, in a class or in a meeting. Interesting. We know that people mobile-shop when they are not near a computer, but now we know they also use mobile to shop when they ARE at the computer, but can’t use it due to workplace restrictions. That’s when they use the mobile.

But why do people shop at work or in the meetings? Is it because their time at home is consumed by domestic chores, TV or sleep. One can sure mobile-shop while watching TV (unless one doesn’t want any distraction while watching the favorite soap or the football match), but not while doing the dishes or vacuuming or sleeping or running on the treadmill. Let’s say a person thinks at the start of the day that he wants to watch that movie. Typically, let’s say he then gets ready, fixes his breakfast, walks to the garage with his sandwich in his right hand, the little finger, ring finger and the thumb of the of the left hand holding the glass of coke and the index and the middle finger of the left hand holding the cigarette. He gobbles the sandwich by time he reaches the car, drives to work, and starts working with the movie plan at the back of his mind. At some point he glances at his mobile and then decides to book the movie tickets. Apparently he can’t use the office computer as it could be monitored, but can surely browse his mobile on the sly. Often, even the decisions to watch a movie or make a purchase are made while at work. Work is where one sits for long hours, gets bored and gets distracted. Meetings can be boring as well. Mobile shopping taps into that boredom and capitalizes on the susceptibility to distraction. Probably men are more bored at work than women.

By extension, does that apply to SMB services? Will men (and women) also put off contacting the plumber or the electrician or the dentist until they reach the railway station to wait for the train, or until they settle down at their desk at work? Quite likely. It’s quite possible that someone looks up the attorney while waiting for a large file to download. Or the leaking faucet at home nagging the guy while he is typing emails and egging him to pick up his mobile and search for a plumber.

vSplash Team

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