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Shy about being liked on Facebook

November 1st, 2012

The buzz around Facebook hitting the one billion active users mark has quietened. But an even more important metrics from the social media marketing standpoint is that there are 140.3 billion “friendships” and 1.13 trillion “likes” on Facebook. That is about 140 friends per user on an average. So if one person clicks the Facebook like button on an SMB website, about 140 friends will come to know about it. That’s word-of-mouth advertisement super-amplified. Yet 91% SMB websites do not have the Facebook like widget, as revealed by SMB DigitalScape research that is based on an analysis of over two million websites in the US. An analysis of thousands of phone-conversations that our advertising consultants have had with merchants on a day-to-day basis over the last couple of years indicate that fear of negative reviews/misconceptions about social media makes them apprehensive about the Facebook like button or having anything to do with Facebook. Merchants are clearly unaware of the benefits, and don’t realize that saying “I do not want a Facebook like button on my website” equates to saying “I do not want any word-of-mouth publicity for my business.” When consultants impart them education on the power of the little thumbs-up button, merchants realize and show willingness to include the widget. Hardly surprising are other SMB DigitalScape revelations concerning social presence of SMBs as seen below:
(PNG Image, 653 × 343 pixels)
Needless to add that in other words, that’s how large the market opportunity is for players in the SMB space. The implication, however, for SMB providers is two-fold. First, develop products and packages to tap into the opportunity. Second, train your sales force to educate merchants on the importance of social media and get their buy-in.

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