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The future of selling – four weddings and a funeral

January 17th, 2013

Neal Polachek, advisor to  vSplash, industry observer and former CEO BIA/Kelsey summarized in a recent blog how vSplash’s  BuzzBoard is central to the changing role of the sales rep in new age selling.

To recap Neal’s observations based on Geoffrey James’ post titled “The future of selling”, the new age rep will  have to espouse (i) the tablet, (ii) customer intelligence, (iii) data and  (iv) video collaterals, while the burly laptop rests in peace. Read Neal’s blog here.

But while on it, it is worth noting what a boon the tablet is for sales reps. When the iPad came out in the open in 2010, it was almost written off as just another glorified piece of bunkum, until it started growing on users. With the tablet, the rep does not have to carry a huge sales kit consisting of product catalogs, other bulky collaterals, hand-written research notes, writing pads, contract papers what have you.  The laptop alleviated the pain to a small extent, but could not make life as easy as sales folks would like it.   BuzzBoard is by all accounts a strong agent of the change that has commenced.  While the laptop will not be missed, BuzzBoard, a tablet-based sales app loaded with customer intelligence, data and all sorts of collaterals, apart from a whole lot of other tools is set to build a long-term relationship with the sales rep.

vSplash Team

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