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Twitter Traffic and its effect on SEO

March 22nd, 2011

Twitter is a social media tool which acts as an online community fostering relationships among individuals. Think beyond conventional methods of search engine optimization and employ this micro-blogging site as a means to improve your web traffic. Optimizing your websites is very important, but do not underestimate the innumerable uses of Twitter and its positive effects on SEO.  You can actually enable online users to reach your websites through Twitter.  If you consciously tweet about something topical and well-planned, then it will yield better results in terms of building brands in the cyber space. However, vague and incoherent tweets do not have any advantage in terms of SEO.

As Twitter is a micro-blogging site, it only enables 140 characters long post called tweets. Then you may be wondering how a long URL will find place in Twitter.  Keep the URL short and simple by the usage of URL shorteners such as TinyURL and These URLs will in turn act as a connecting link for users to be redirected to the actuals URLs.

Given below are different tips and techniques to improve your SEO via Twitter.

  • Choose a handle/user name which reflects the name of your company, brand or your website. For example a URL such as which will serve as a permanent address for search indexing in the future. The best way is to keep your handle short and tweet-friendly. Ensure that your tweets get some re-tweets in return. The more number of re-tweets, the better is your SEO benefit.
  • In your corporate websites, you can link your Twitter page as “call for action” section by asking the online users to follow your company on Twitter.
  • Embed your tweet with a primary keyword phrase encapsulating the theme of the tweet.  As you would know, these key words are easily picked up by search engines.  However, do not indulge in too many buzz words or keyword stuffing.
  • You can even bring in the re-tweet effect by adding a “@” symbol before the user names of people you would like to mention in a tweet. The higher an account is re-tweeted, the better it is for SEO.
  • Providing links along with your tweets also improve the SEO traffic as they redirect the users to the actual websites.
  • Use hash tags which are like the counterparts of metadata in websites.  These are designated by the  “#” symbol.
  • Jam packing your Twitter page with many tweets simultaneously will annoy the users and will be caught in a confused mess of information.
  • You can even promote your corporate blog on Twitter.

With all these effective techniques in regulating  Twitter traffic through SEO, you can see a gradual rise in your company’s visibility and presence in the internet space. Branding comes free and easy with tweeting and re-tweeting, all you need is the right way of using Twitter.

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