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What Exactly Is Operational Excellence in Internet Marketing?

December 1st, 2011

The definition of operational excellence varies from one industry to another. In the Internet marketing industry, where opportunities are limitless and new marketing trends develop quickly, service providers need to be able to adapt quickly to changing trends and fluctuating volumes.

In addition to agility, service providers must execute superbly in order to remain competitive and profitable, while also weathering economic challenges and enabling growth and cost savings to its partners.

Implementational readiness or executional excellence is thus what constitutes operational excellence in Internet marketing. There are companies that perished in the aftermath of the burst.   It’s fair to say that many of these companies were caught up in the exuberance of the times and failed to adequately prepare for inevitable changes in economic conditions.  By contrast, vSplash experienced firm establishment and steady growth during those turbulent times. As cost cutting became a priority, aggregators worldwide turned to us for our ability to execute and deliver at costs phenomenally less than in-house operations or other vendors.

vSplash is equipped for implementational readiness, by virtue of:

  • Long-standing experience in Internet operations that witnessed the growth of the Internet marketing industry from directory listings through the present social, local and mobile trends, while overseeing the delivery of 100,000-plus websites and other Internet marketing products and services.
  • Foresight derived from constant observation and research of market trends.
  • A commitment to take measures to adapt to changing trends.

In Internet operations, vSplash takes its experience and preparation to the level of executional excellence with:

  • Multi-disciplinary capacities ranging from pre-sales research through post-sales business analysis; fulfillment through post-fulfillment customer support.
  • Continuous sourcing, training and development of intellectual assets.
  • Continuous development and enhancement of custom-integrated project management tools.
  • Flexibility in delivering high to low volumes without compromising on quality or upping costs.

Excecutional excellence is what has helped vSplash emerge as the partner of choice for large and small volume aggregators around the world, and it’s what enables vSplash to continue to expand into new markets.

vSplash Team

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