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What helps vSplash achieve Executional Excellence in Internet Operations?

January 20th, 2012

Delivering superior customer value in Internet operations involves providing reliable service at best prices, without causing dissatisfaction to any of the stakeholders. This is possible through excellence in the way that operations are executed on a day-to-day basis.

Looking back into a career spanning close to a decade and a half, the key elements that have helped vSplash out-execute other players in the space are:

  • Fully integrated and automated tools for managing fulfillment, review, reporting and communication.
  • Simplified processes with minimal time and steps in order life-cycle, and maximal comfort for stakeholders.
  • Flexibility in managing inconsistent volumes with capacity for spike periods.
  • Substantially low costs enabled by economies of scale and elimination of waste.
  • Enhanced customer experience through fully manned customer call center facility for post-sales consultation and post-fulfillment support.
  • Adaptability to changes in technology and market requirements.
  • Agility in responsiveness to new market opportunities leveraged for mutual value-add in partner relations.
  • A commitment to continuous improvement of people, processes and tools.

vSplash continues to serve major directory publishers, telecom and hosting companies primarily in North America and largely around the world, delivering improved quality, cycle time, overall customer experience and substantial cost savings.

As we strive to be the leader in price, quality and convenience, we are always discovering ways to cut overhead costs, to minimize steps in fulfillment and to optimize our processes across functional and organizational boundaries.

vSplash Team

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