Our Story

41% SMBs in USA, 50% in Emerging Markets Have a Website

One in 20 SMB  websites in the USA is from vSplash.

One in 250 SMB websites in emerging markets is from vSplash.

One SMB website goes live at vSplash every 3 minutes.

The story of vSplash has its beginnings in a problem from the late 90s, in the backdrop of the historic dot-com bubble.

It all began when…

One morning, in 1999,  our founder was in the process of winding up his education at UC, Berkeley.

A friend walked up to him and asked a simple question.

“I need a website for my business, how much will it cost?”

Our founder did a quick estimate and realised that it would cost a fortune.

Back then during the dot-com boom or the internet boom, building a website was expensive and time-consuming, and only large businesses that were backed by venture capital or a big buck could afford one.

There! He saw a problem that if such is the case, then the millions of small businesses around the world that silently drive the economies can never afford a website and derive benefits of internet.

vSplash Techlabs, Inc

He found his calling and took it upon himself to solve the problem.

vSplash Techlabs, Inc

He founded vSplash in February 1999, and inspired by a popular online greeting-card maker of the time, the company developed the first website builder of its kind in the world, to produce websites at low cost.

Ever since, we’ve been passionate about empowering SMBs with websites to help them grow their business!

The early couple of years were challenging and we had our share of ups and downs, but we didn’t give up. With the help of our partners who placed trust in us, and with sustained efforts, we found our feet subsequently.

Meanwhile, even as the much-hyped companies began to fizzle out during the dot-com crash, vSplash was building thousands of websites for SMBs every year. Large media companies in the world started partnering with us for website production.

  • Al Wahda Express
  • AT & T
  • Dow Jones
  • HCL
  • hp
  • Market Hardware
  • Microsoft
  • Yellow Medya
  • yp

With experience, we figured out ways to reduce operational costs. We also developed intelligent tools to address the pain points related to asset gathering, order flow management and communication between you, us and your SMB customers, and we have made it all simple and easy for both you and your customers.

We build websites for SMBs across various platforms.

  • Wordpress
  • duda
  • Camilyo
  • Woo Commerce

One thing that remained constant is our LASER FOCUS on working in the SMB space.

Today, over two decades after that dot-com boom, even as we look back with nostalgia, and even as early digital natives have already started adulting, a majority of small businesses are yet to catch up with the benefits of the internet.

There are 28M SMBs in the USA, and only four in ten have a website. There are 435M SMBs in emerging markets, and about five in ten have a website. The rest need one.

vSplash Techlabs, Inc

You, digital media companies, are the hero of our story.

We admire you for reaching out to SMBs with various website packages. You and every sales person of yours on the field touch basing SMBs every day, and signing them up for digital adoption, have our highest respect in our pursuit for digital transformation.

On our part, in a world class infrastructure sprawling 60,000 sq ft, which makes vSplash the world’s largest facility dedicated to website production for SMBs, and with a strong team of 300+ talented professionals, our heart is still in place and we will continue to relentlessly work with you, fulfilling the website packages that you offer to SMBs. And help you save on time and costs!

Because…. we love doing it!

Meet the person passionate about SMB digital adoption.

Umesh Tibrewal

The Founder of vSplash, Umesh Tibrewal, is a lifelong technology geek who is driven by the idea of increasing the value of technology solutions through increased efficiencies, user-friendly processes and reduced costs.

He built vSplash into a globally recognized digital marketing solutions provider with a staff of more than 300 designers, developers and project managers, serving the leading local marketing aggregators around the world. When disconnected from the world, Umesh enjoys reading, researching, yoga and playing board games with his son.

Meet our Chairman.

Anil Bansal

Anil Bansal is the chairman of vSplash. He is a successful corporate executive turned serial entrepreneur, with broad experience in all aspects of marketing, sales and financial management. He is also the CEO of First National Corporation, a real estate investment and management company.

Anil is an alumnus of IIT Kanpur (B.Tech.), University of Notre Dame (M.S. Materials Science) and Syracuse University (MBA).

When not busy with work, Anil loves to play with the latest Apple products.

Anil Bansal

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