What Should You Know When Partnering with a White Label Digital Marketing Company

In a fast-paced digital world with too many complexities, there is no such thing as an expert in all fields. This is where white label services come into the picture. White label digital marketing companies allow you to scale your offerings more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Types of White Label Partnerships

White label services involve outsourcing a task to a third party under the protection of a non-disclosure agreement. You can rebrand the work done by the white label company and sell it under your brand name to give the impression that it was done in-house.
It’s also crucial to plan out your white label partnership carefully. This relationship not only has an impact on how you and the white label partner conduct business, but also has an impact on how you maintain your relationship with your client.

Closed Partnership

In a closed white label partnership, your digital agency manages all client interactions while your white label partner operates behind the scenes. You will handle all communication between the white label team and your client, so your end client will never know that a white label company existed throughout the process.
Some agencies feel more secure in this kind of relationship since their in-house team takes care of sales, logistics, and other administrative tasks.

Open Partnership

A white label open relationship is where your white label partner works closely with you and your client from start to finish. Here, the end client knows that a white label company is working on their project, but your client views the white label team as part of your team. You will be managing the project, and the white label company will take instructions from you.
This type of arrangement allows for more efficient communication, since your white label team can ask direct questions to your client as needed. The process happens with complete transparency.

Final Thoughts

Partnering with a white label service provider can be a smart move for your agency since it will eliminate the need to hire an in-house team to provide the services your clients request. You can look for a reputable white label company and partner with them to get the job done as well as enhance your client base.

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