35% Of All SMB Websites Need CMS
Migration Services

A considerable number of small and medium businesses have websites that aren’t performing well due to outdated HTML platforms or a CMS version that no longer exists. Antiquated designs and content that has not been optimized for years do not attract or convert visitors, either.

Telecom, hosting, media, and marketing service providers can create new revenue streams and upsell existing customers operating on outdated platforms by offering website migration services and popular add-ons (e.g., G-Suite) to customers.

Migration Services

Sample Scenario

Keeping up with the speed of technology is a challenge common to many organizations, and huge corporations like national telecom providers. Let’s take TelecomX as an example. They were at risk of losing a sizable portion of the long-standing customer base they worked hard to onboard because their technology had become outdated. When TelecomX contacted vSplash, more than 46,000 of its website customers were using CMS platforms that hadn’t been updated in eight years.

Innovations in tech are generally a good thing. Still, a significant downside—which TelecomX knows all too well—is that it can be prohibitively expensive to scale up an in-house team dedicated solely to keeping every customer on an up-to-date platform.

Also: corporate budgets, permissions, and planning simply don’t move as fast as technology. Outsourcing bulk platform migrations to vSplash came in handy for TelecomX.

vSplash has a streamlined workflow and technologies in place to make platform migrations a quick, seamless, and budget-friendly process that helps our partners retain and upsell to their customers. After TelecomX migrated its customers to new platforms, they were able to upsell over 10,000 of those customers to G-suite, which wouldn’t have been possible on the old platform. vSplash’s website migration services were accessible, suitable for TelecomX’s bottom line, and good for customers.


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